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Not being nearby in the event of a home emergency is a major concern for homeowners.  Remote monitoring and security systems do not satisfy standard insurance policy requirements, nor do they ensure someone will enter your home to minimize damage during a situation.  

have crews already

Do you have home and yard crews that you trust and use already?  No problem. 

We will provide you with a qualified recommendation only if replacement -- or -- more is needed. 

Nothing left to chance. 

Please contact us for base plus pricing.

Crown Residential Property Mgmt.

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Base Plus


When a proxy is needed, we offer Base Plus.  Let us act on your behalf. 

Along with all Base activities, we oversee the quality and frequency of work performed by in home staff or yard crews. Timely updates are provided back to you for billing confirmation purposes and/or liability concerns.  This service will uncover any task or charge inadequacies.  Staff 'no show', we can fix that.  

We act as your local emergency contact.  Whether programmed as the first point of contact for your monitoring devices, security or equipment backup systems, we're here.