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Remote monitoring is nice to have, but not enough to meet insurance obligations should you need to file a claim.  We will review your home insurance policy, and align our service and checklist to fulfill its requirements.  This is often a good starting point for families, and can be all that's needed.  

Walk through completed at required frequency according to homeowners' policy.  Items examined; all entry/exit points checked, major equipment (heating, cooling, water softeners, sub-pump, security or monitoring equipment), taps, toilets and appliances ran to ensure seals are kept moist to prevent cracking and leaks.   

Crown Residential Property Mgmt.

Most insurance policies require an 'in-home' physical presence every 72 hours, every 24 hours when temperature drops below -25°C. The frequency of this requirement, other common policy obligations, are only expected to increase as insurers face more and more payout situations.  

A log recording all activity, for each visit, is kept on our site.  Each, dated and signed by a Crown Residential representative, as formal evidence for your insurer in the event of an incident. 

Nothing left to chance.  .

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