Crown Residential Property Mgmt.

concierge service

This service continues to expand as homeowners' requests arrive to us.  

Coupled with Base/Base Plus, homeowners look to us to manage replacement or refresh projects. Time to replace an appliance?  New furniture arriving?  Maybe you need a few rooms painted, OR perhaps you would just like all those annual maintenance checks and repairs completed while you're away?  Done! 

We work with your trusted contacts, or provide qualified candidates. 

This package warrants discussion, so we meet all your expectations!

There when you need us

choose to live worry free

For a no obligation consultation, please call 780-982-1859 or email us at 

Pet check-in service leading the 'must have' for owners.  Leaving a pet kenneled while away -- we visit and provide updates and pictures back to you on how they are doing.


have crews already

Do you have home and yard crews that you trust and use already?  No problem. 

We will provide you with a qualified recommendation only if replacement -- or -- more is needed. 

Nothing left to chance.  

Please contact us for concierge pricing.